An authorized Talius® dealer, we offer products for crime prevention, security, privacy, solar and storm protection for your business, institution or development.

A Legrand®-Solarfective® distributor, we will help you optimize your building with intelligent
controls and quiet Somfy® Smart motorization.

We are also well-established in providing volume quantities for large-scale projects.


Security & Weather

Roll shutters are the ultimate solution when you want to protect your
windows, secure your inventory and ensure your place of business is
as safe as possible.

We offer both manual and motorized controls systems which can be tailored to work with any type of business.

Our selection of 5 standard colours and 1800 shade variants will create a truly cohesive appearance.

Designed to protect your business from wind, rain damage and flying debris during storms, Talius® is the leading roll shutter manufacturer and their aluminum custom-made products are second to none.


Talius® Habitat Screens™ are retractable, user-friendly and easy to see through.

Create a comfortable, cool, insect-reduced environment for your patrons and clients.

Our solar screens will increase customer enjoyment and protect your business assets without sacrificing the view!

Optimize comfort, energy-efficiency and style by using Habitat Screens™ for your commercial and institutional properties. 

Small Business

Large or small-scale businesses, we've got you covered. We help make spaces more energy-efficient, protect customer's assets from the damaging sun, and help them with custom blinds to increase exposure.

We can provide roll shutters to enhance security for a jewelry store as well as solar screens for patrons on a patio.

Energy-efficient and storm protection solutions are perfect for businesses located in extreme weather areas.

For all business applications we offer both motorized and manual options.


Volume & Customization

For roll shutters, we offer 5 standard colour options or can adjust to your project needs with 1800 custom variants.

Businesses and organizations looking to increase their corporate brand awareness, we can apply photo-quality graphics to roll shutters, screens and window blinds to convert your business into a creative advertising medium.

We also offer an extensive portfolio of completed large-scale commercial projects. With much experience in sales and installation, we can ensure your multi-family development, institution, apartment, highrise building or subdivision will be completed well and on time.